Friday, December 26, 2008

ExOfficio Women's Travel Sweaters

I'm a big fan of ExOfficio products, packing my bag with their quick-dry underwear, my Air Strip Lite shirt, and usually a pair of shorts or pants as well. I wish I had brought a few Buzz Off items to help keep the insects at bay on my recent trip. But the company also sells a line of woolies that are good for the current wintry weather.

A while back I reviewed a soy sweater for men from ExOfficio that was a woven one. This Shannon sweater for women is more of a loose knit, giving a slimmer profile while feeling a bit thicker. It's got a bit of everything in it: 40 percent wool, some synthetics for the wicking properties, some soybean for extra eco-cred, and some cashmere to justify the price, which is north of $70 even when on sale.

But hey, it's soft, well-made, and flattering to the figure based on how it looks on my in-house model. It comes in five sizes and two colors: this one and "natural." Hand wash or dry clean only.

If you don't like this one, ExOfficio has 21 other models to choose from, ranging from a marked-down $18 fuzzy fleece to a $100 zippered version of this model pictured here. Right now you can get the benefit of post-holiday sale prices and $5 shipping at ExOfficio


Anonymous said...

What colors?

Tim said...

"It comes in five sizes and two colors: this one and "natural."

Follow the link to see the other one.