Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quick-dry Travel Underwear

If you had told me in my backpacker days that I’d spend over $20 on one pair of underwear I’d have told you to put away whatever was in that pipe you were smoking. After a friend raved on and on about this quick-dry underwear from ExOfficio though, I broke down and bought two pairs of boxer briefs during a 20 percent off sale at REI.

I’m on assignment in Europe right now and have to say that they deliver as promised and are far more comfortable than I had thought they would be. Obviously they’re synthetic to be able to dry in a couple of hours after washing, but they feel soft and not scratchy. Mine took about four hours to dry, but I forgot to follow the directions. They say “Lay them flat on a dry towel, roll them up like a burrito, and stomp on them.” Then the boxers should air dry in 2-4 hours. The point is, you wash them when you go to bed and they’re ready to go in the morning.

I’m not sure I want to go through that every night, so I packed some normal undies as well (half synthetic bikini briefs that squeeze up small). But it’s nice to know that these will always dry fast.

Get quick-dry underwear at REI
Buy direct from ExOfficio

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The Travelling Guy said...


I really like your site.
If you check out my blog (well not yet I don't have much up) it'll be about my trip to Central America coming up soon.


Anonymous said...

We spent 7 months traveling around the world with only 3 pairs of ex-officio underwear. They were great! They were comfortable, lightweight and easy to clean by hand. Plus they dried quickly, even in tropical locations. They also held up great with no holes or snags. I highly recommend them.

Unknown said...


Your blog is so helpful. I'm planning a trip to Asia in '08 so I've been checking out a lot of travel accessories for ideas. I found this great deal Magellan's is offering for Buy Two get a Third free for that Ex Officio underwear. This underwear is SO handy on long trips!

Quick Dry Underwear

Anonymous said...

These would be extremely helpful when we go out camping and such!

thank you for this! im definitely going to purchase a few


Anonymous said...

Hi, I own a pair of Ex-Officio underwears myself and love them! I'm not sure if I use them for their intended advantages but they've really held up well, and are comfortable to wear. Although expensive, you're paying for quality.

- Ali Rafatjah
Tehran, Iran