Monday, October 01, 2007

Hoss Funky Ponderosa Biking Shorts

It helps to have some extra padding in your rear when you're going to spend hours cycling on a bicycle. Those spandex ones are not my style, however, and they really scream, "Je suis un cycliste" when you step off the bike and walk into a pub or restaurant.

So before a recent biking trip in the Czech Republic, I picked up a pair of these Hoss baggy biking shorts from my local shop, Eastside Cycles. They look like a regular pair of shorts you would wear around while traveling, with lots of different-sized pockets for beer money, a cell phone, lip balm, or whatever else you need to carry. When you walk around, you may feel like you've taken a dump in your pants because of the padding, but otherwise nobody knows you've got special cycling shorts on.

These Ponderosa shorts are rugged and comfortable, with a lining on the inside that keeps the material off your skin while cruising along on a bike. You might not be as aerodynamic as Mr. Serious whizzing past you, but if you're riding for pleasure rather than trying to win a race, these are just the ticket.

I haven't seen them online at gear stores, so you'll need to check your local bike shop or order them direct from a cycling retailer or the Hoss site. These Ponderosa shorts list for $49.95 and as this specialized gear goes, that's a good value.

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