Friday, September 21, 2007

Dollar Store Travel Razor Deal

Sometimes you can find a great travel gear surprise at the dollar store. This fine retail outlet type may be called something else where you live. In Mexico it’s the “3 peso” store and in Hungary it’s the “500 florint” store, but the idea is that it’s full of cast-off bargains, overstocks, and just plain crap. Sorting through it all is half the fun.

I scored a double at the Dollar Tree last week though, first with a nice flexible plastic skin for my video iPod, which was sweet considering I almost paid $9.99 for the exact same thing at Best Buy a few days earlier, but balked. Then I came across this beauty: a travel razor that also has the shaving cream. How cool is that? For a buck!

The packaging says it’s good for seven shaves, which for me means at least two weeks since I refuse to shave every day. Plenty for a vacation. (If you’re going for longer, get one of the razors that twists up really small—see the comments on this thread.)

It’s a nice 3-blade razor too perched on the top, so it works well. I wanted to give it a trial run before passing judgment, but this looks like a keeper. Now I’ve got to go back and stock up before they run out.

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