Thursday, July 03, 2008

Air Strip Lite Shirt from Ex-Officio

I'm kind of a cheapskate when it comes to travel clothes, constantly watching for sales to get great gear at a bargain price. Right before the trip through the Pacific Northwest I just finished up, I snagged this Ex-Officio Air Strip Lite shirt for $48 from Campmor. The normal price is $80 on the Ex-Officio site, though they do run good sales there as well fairly often.

No buyer's remorse with this item. I've been putting the Air Strip Lite through its paces and this is one impressive piece of clothing. It is amazingly lightweight considering the ventilation flaps, the pockets, and the long sleeves. It seems to weigh less than a cotton t-shirt. Plus it is really wrinkle-free. No matter how many times I've stuffed it in my bag or tucked/untucked it, a little while later it's looking fine.

I'm sure the wicking properties perform as advertised, though I haven't done enough sweating to find out. I did wash it twice though and it dried in a few hours on a hanger in a hotel bathroom.

The Air Strip Lite shirt is 80 percent nylon, 20 percent polyester, but it feels soft and supple.
Like everything else I've gotten from Ex-Officio, this is a well-made, quality product that exceeds expectations. A couple more versions of these shirts and my carry-on packing list is going to get much simpler. Highly recommended.

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