Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Buzz Off Hat

Last summer I went on a trip up to a state park in Kentucky. This woman I met there was raving about this hat she was wearing around and said it had built-in mosquito repellant. "I've washed it four times now and it still works great!" she chirped.

I was skeptical, but when I saw the hats go on sale, I snatched one up and took it with me on a recent safari trip to Africa. I wore it for five days and have to say, didn't get one bite. Was it the hat, or just my badass aura? Since I get annoying bites on the forehead or cheek all the time at home, I'll have to chalk it up to the former. I'm sold enough to go stock up on a shirt and pants. They even make socks, which would be especially handy when moving through malarial zones.

I only had one problem with it: when it came to big fat buzzy African flies, it was no help at all. No cure for that yet I suppose. Unlike the hippos and zebras though, I could say goodbye to the flies after a few days...

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