Sunday, November 16, 2008

Travel Thongs (or Emergency Thongs) from Flingz

Would it be handy to have little packets of clean underwear on you at all times? To be able to toss them into your purse or weekend bag and forget about them until needed?

I don't have the right equipment to be in the target market for these Flingz travel thongs, but they sent me one for my significant other to try out. She's already a thong wearer, so no convincing was necessary on the benefits of no panty lines. She popped the packet into her gym bag, changed into them after a workout, and pronounced them up to the job. The thongs are 95% cotton, she washed them in the machine like she does with all the others and the Flingz came out fine.

The big appeal of these, however, is that they're inexpensive and they fit into a little palm-sized packet that's easy to shove into your purse or a corner of your travel bag. So you can have one with you at all times or pack three to carry you through a weekend trip.

My volunteer model wasn't up for any photos, so you'll have to rely on these from the website, but I promise the Flingz fit nicely. You'll have to make due with this shot from the Flingz website to get an idea of that. There aren't many retailers carrying these yet, so your best bet so for is to order from them direct at $7.50 for one or $18 for a three-pack (plus shipping).

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Anonymous said...

this is really funny:-)I wonder how many people could buy it - if you read any research could you please post it here? I don't find this really necessary but on the hand, this could be one of those things that noone really needs but it is quite popular.

Anonymous said...
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