Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coghlan's Clip-on LED Headlight

A headlight that is tiny, multi-functional, and long-lasting; maybe I'll pack one of these contraptions after all.

I'm personally not a big fan of headlights for regular travelers. If you're spelunking or robbing a bank, sure, but for just finding your way to the latrine at night or stumbling from the bar to your bungalow, it's overkill. They often end up taking up as much or room in your pack as a flashlight and when you factor in the straps, they can be a packing annoyance. Plus I've been shined in the face by the infernal things more times than I can count by trekkers who try to make eye contact while shining a bright light from their forehead!

I like this cute little light that Coghlan's sent me though.

If you're a camper, you probably have plenty of Coghlan's products. They put out a whole long list of items that keep you comfortable, safe, and out of the dark when you're in the woods. This one is as reasonably priced and well-designed as the rest. For a mere $11.53 list price (yea, no .99 at the end), you get a little 1.3-ounce orb of a light that can be worn with a strap or clipped onto the bill of your cap. Or of course you can clip it onto anything else when needed: a tree branch, the top of your tent, your book, whatever. It uses two small lithium batteries that will wear out eventually, but the estimated life is 25 hours, or 50 with the strobe. If you're lost for more then 50 hours with a strobe flashing, well, you've got bigger problems.

This is a nice double-duty item: strap it on your head when you're hiking in the dark, carry it as a flashlight, or clip it onto something when you need light. There's even a little red filter than flips down to give you "night vision," in case you have to bust up a hidden terrorist camp I guess.

This clip-on LED headlight weighs a quarter of what other models do, it takes up almost no room in your bag, and it's priced at less than 12 bucks. What's not to like? Pick one up for yourself and another for a stocking stuffer. I had trouble finding this online at the usual outlets, so you'll probably have better luck at a camping retail store or Wal-mart. Coghlan's has a list of physical and online retailers and a zip code search function on it's website.

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