Tuesday, March 13, 2007

T'Pod Table-top Camera Tripod

On every long travel trip I've ever taken, I've managed to find room for a small camera tripod. I may not use it that often, but when you need a tripod to get a specific shot, being without one can be a real drag.

I'm just an amateur hack though, with a not-so-expensive camera. If you are a serious photographer or just trying to be one, you might want to pick up this very nice T'Pod compact tripod that sits on any flat surface. This is no flimsy plastic and velcro job like the one I usually carry: it's a serious and rugged piece of equipment. We're talking cold hard steel, powerful magnets, and a carrying case that looks like it will stay together for years. It has two different mounts depending on the kind of camera you have: a light one or a heavy professional SLR one with a big lens.

It's not all that light and it lists for $80, but it doesn't take up much room. The tripod breaks down into two pieces and fits in a case that's a tad larger than two cigarette packs stacked end to end.

For the average person shooting snapshots on a pocket camera with image stabilization, carrying this heavy-duty tripod around may not make much sense. But if you're trying to shoot in low light or get some nature close-ups, this would be the ticket. If you're a pro or serious photographer who still tries to leave the house without 50 pounds of gear, this tabletop tripod would do for a lot of situations and still keep the pack relatively light. (They also make a larger stand-up version that doubles as a walking stick, for the hiker/photographer.)

The magnets provide a lot of stability and are the key to how it packs up and reassembles, but they're not for the clumsy or those with heart enhancements. "The magnet is a powerful rare earth magnet that can pinch fingers, and could possibly, in close proximity, cause damage to the electronics in a pacemaker."

Get the tabletop T'Pod at Amazon.

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