Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kid-friendly Luggage Tags

Snap a fun kiddie luggage tag to his/her suitcase and give the little one something to watch for.

Standing at the luggage carousel ranks up there as one of the most trying times in the life of a traveling parent. You've already endured a cramped flight, everybody's tired, your kid wants nothing better than to ride and run on that moving belt, and you're just waiting. And waiting. Then all the bags start rolling off and half of them look exactly the same.

Next time my little tyke will at least have a reason to help watch for her bag. The folks at Stuck on You sent me a batch of kids' luggage tags to check out and my daughter's eyes lit up like it was Christmas when I showed them to her. The one pictured here is a flower, but they've got mermaids, wizards, dinosaurs, trains, and more---18 designs in all. At $3.50 each, they're a cheap diversion.

The company also makes all kinds of other items in the same whimsical designs. You can even get custom labels with your child's name on them that you can stick on anything and everything they own. Good for camp or the kids' club at your hotel. They ship internationally too, so check it all out at

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