Sunday, April 26, 2009

Practical Travel Gear is Moving

After nearly four years in this Blogger house, it's time to pack up the moving truck and take the Practical Travel Gear blog to a new home. This gear blog is getting a little tired of being single as well, so it has invited two other people to co-habitate the new digs.

As you've probably noticed, my posting schedule on here can be a bit erratic at times, partly because I spend a good bit of time actually traveling and it's hard to keep blogging hard while researching travel articles in some far-off land with spotty Internet access. Also partly because I've got a lot of other balls in the air with my books, Perceptive Travel, and ongoing travel writing assignments.

So, as of Friday we'll be unpacking boxes at You will notice the new home looks a lot prettier (designed by Jay Phillips) and with it being on Wordpress, we'll be able to future post, add helpful widgets, and basically own instead of rent. No sub-prime loan necessary, thankfully.

I've reviewed close to 300 travel gear items on here, but I'm only one person, a male one at that. So the talented Kara Williams (from The Vacation Gals) will be reviewing women's travel gear as well as useful items for family travel. Videographer and biz travel road warrior John Gordon will help out with all the geeky gadget and productivity devices that I don't have the need or patience to mess with on a regular basis.

I will still run a couple more posts in parallel, but then this version will fizzle out. All the archives will remain here where they are though, so a search for something you read before will still work. Please join us though by clicking over to the new site and subscribing to the RSS feed. There will be three postings a week starting the 4th on. After two months, when the search engines get caught up, we'll post more often.

Thanks for your support!


Unknown said...

Glad to see the blog is still alive and will have more posts. There are hardly any comments so I'm not sure how many readers there are, but I appreciate the articles.

AlpineMan said...

The new design looks great! I've always enjoyed your candid reviews and am glad to hear it's getting a boost.

Tim said...

Well Craig, this version has had over 400 subscribers and has been on the first page of Google for years under most travel gear searches, so popular enough for me. But the new one will have three contributors and more posts, so maybe you'll see more comments!