Monday, September 15, 2008

Backgammon in a Bag for Travel

One of the joys of travel is that you finally get some real down time, time to kick back, read a book, or spend a lazy afternoon with a few beers and backgammon.

It's hard to lug a whole backgammon board with you though and while I've carried a small magnetic travel one with me on several occasions, the experience is just not the same. I've been trying out a great new solution called Bag Gammon. It's a bag with a cinch cord that inside has regular-sized pieces, two sets of dice, a doubling cube, and a fold-out full-sized board. It's not super-light because of the heft of the regular pieces, but you can cram it into a corner of your pack or suitcase no problem. (See the video on the website to see how it all works.)

You can use this on any flat surface, so it'll work at a beach bar or on a hotel bed. You get the same click-clack of stacking your checkers on the side as you bring them all home as you would with a regulation board and you don't have to pass the dice back and forth.

For now you need to buy your travel backgammon set from the site, where you can also get checkers and chess. The backgammon one is $14.95 plus shipping---not bad. I'll definitely be taking this along on all my future vacations.

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