Friday, July 18, 2008

A Pen for Your Wallet

Put your money where your pen is!

How many times have you seen someone talking on a cell phone start looking around frantically for a pen? Wouldn't it be nice to have a pen on you every time you're carrying your wallet---without having to remember it?

That's the idea behind The Wallet Pen, a nice little writing device that clips into the folded part of your wallet. It's thin enough to squeeze in there without making the wallet any thicker, but it's larger and easier to write with than the tiny pens in the Pico Pen device I reviewed a while back. I've been carrying it around for a week and only notice it's there when I need it or when I open my wallet and see a silver glint coming from the fold.

This is not some cheap throwaway item though. It retails for $49 and comes in a nice gift box with a ribbon, a spare ink refill enclosed as well. It comes in two sterling silver models, made in Vermont and not in some Chinese factory. It's an item you'll want to use and keep using for years---or give to someone who will think it's the coolest and most thoughtful present ever.

You can order the Wallet Pen direct from the manufacturer, or here's a list of stores that carry the pen both in the real and virtual worlds.

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