Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MP3 Car Transmitter in a Cup Holder from Maxell

I love the simple innovations that solve a problem well, at a reasonable price, by figuring out what we really need. This cool device from Maxell blasts the tunes from your iPod or other MP3 player through your radio, on a frequency of your choosing, and remembers up to 10 of those frequencies for later. All well and good, but it plugs into your car socket and then fits in your cup holder! So there it is, in a handy spot, right near your radio.

If you are using an iPod, this Maxell FM transmitter performs double duty by charging up your music player at the same time. So you leave the car with more juice in your player than you had to start with--and you didn't pay the electric company for the power. (Yes, I know, your engine powered it, but you were driving somewhere with that gas anyway, right?)

Maybe I'm so overjoyed because this innovation arrived on my doorstep just as my car CD player started picking and choosing which discs it wanted to play, with no discernable pattern to which ones would be rejected or when it would decide to not play any of them. Like a guy who gets in a fight with his girlfriend and then that night picks up the hottest babe in the club, I can smugly ignore my CD player's moodiness now and wait for it to admit it's wrong. Maybe we'll never get together again--who knows.

Sure, everything has its drawbacks, and in time I'll see the bad side of my new date. For now, the one principle flaw seems to be the printed warning to "store unit at temperatures less than 60 degrees F." Say what? Unless I make a drive up to the Arctic Circle sometime soon, I can't imagine any scenario where my car is going to spend a summer day under 60 degrees. So either this little cutie is going to wilt on a hot day or I'm going to have to take her with me everywhere I go...

She's also playing a bit hard to get. If you want to find one for yourself, search around the web for model P34 or Maxell 191234 transmitter.


Anonymous said...

Is this compatible with the Zen Vision M?

Tim said...

Yes, for non-iPod players you simply run a cord (included) from the output jack of the MP3 player to the transmitter. Standard headphone connection.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason it's not supposed to be in more than 60 degrees is that it could melt. I had one of those belkin transmitters & that's what happened to it! Still works though.