Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Great Travel Backpack for Kids - Itfitz

It’s hard to get a kid excited about something as utilitarian as a backpack, but when I handed my daughter this pink Itfitz backpack, she literally squealed with delight. For days she wore it around the house, thrilled with the idea of having a place to stuff all her girly-girl dolls, treasures and jewelry.

Fortunately, it’s not just a novelty; this kids’ backpack really delivers when it’s time to hit the road. Its unique design allows it to be worn like a vest, with the weight distributed more evenly. Those handy little pockets in the front are great for storing toys, lollipops, and gum for the plane ride. There’s even a detachable lumbar support in the back that you can use for extra support on a plane or bus ride. Lots of adjustments and straps allow you to customize the fit without turning your tyke into a cyborg. Mine trudged through three airports in two countries with this last week and didn't whine once about her load.

The construction is solid and if my kid is any indication, the novelty doesn’t wear off quickly like it will with the Spiderman 3 cheapos cramming the aisles now. Speaking of such, this would double as a good school backpack as well. With childred often loaded down with twenty pounds of books in an ill-fitting backpack, the Itfitz pack is a welcome change. Yes, it fits!

For more information or to order yours, go to the Itfitz web site.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, it looks more like a life vest than a backpack. I love its colors though.

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Tim said...

Well, you can't really see the back of it very well in that shot I guess. It looks like a regular backpack from the back, but zips up in the front, so it's more stable and the weight is distributed better. (Plus you then get all those pockets.)