Sunday, May 27, 2007

Upgraded Skype Phone from Ipevo

A good while back I posted an Ipevo phone review for one I had been using to make Skype calls. I've since traveled with it a few times using my laptop and when the connection is good, it saves me a small fortune on calls.

Now there's a new and improved Ipevo Free.2 version out that adds some enhancements. I'm not going to run out and replace my current one, but if you're thinking of getting something to replace that headset you're using, you might want to consider it.

The main addition is an LCD screen, which keeps you from having to keep looking at your computer monitor while you're making calls. Plus now you can store your Skype Out contacts in it and just scroll through them and dial instead of going back to your mouse and monitor to click on a name or number. It feels like a regular phone, which is nice, and it packs a lot easier than a headset. Looks cool too--in black or white. The Ipevo Skype phone sells for $45 plus shipping.

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