Sunday, April 01, 2007

PowerStation Traveller for Car Charging

Are you a road warrior off to new meetings in your car every day or two? Or do you seem to spend as much time in traffic as you do at home? Then you might want to check into this PowerStation Traveller bag for charging up multiple electronic gadgets at once.

This item is a one-trick pony, but it solves a specific problem of our age: one or two places to plug in three or more gadgets in a vehicle. Older cars usually only have one socket--the old cigarette lighter--while most newer cars have two. But that's not enough for a lot of people, especially those with a few kids in the minivan.

This handy tool lets you share one socket for three items. You lay the items in the bag, use the sliders to keep them from moving around, then plug into one socket from the bag. You can leave it open beside you or zip it up and forget about it, with all there devices charging up as you drive. The 5-foot cord will also reach to the back seat. When it's time to leave the car, you just pick up the one bag instead of fumbling with three gadgets and their cords. The bag has a hand strap, a shoulder strap, and an estra pocket.

The PowerStation is pretty low-tech. There's no voltage converter or adapters, so you already have to have a car charger cord for your item to use this. There's an A/C adapter available separately though if you want to plug it in at home also.

I'm not sure why "Traveller" is spelled with two L's in the name since the item is made in China and distributed by a U.S. Company, but let's chalk it up to a trademark issue. If this makes your life easier, get it for $32.99 plus shipping at (Scroll down to the second item.)

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