Thursday, March 08, 2007

Aeromexico Ups Baggage Limit to 70 Pounds

If you're a professional photographer or documentary filmmaker heading to Mexico, skip Spirit Airlines and hop on Aeromexico. In a move running counter to the trend of squeezing passengers for overweight bag fees, Aeromexico is now allowing two bags of up to 70 pounds. Go business class and you can take another one just for good measure. (And, we assume, have a gaggle of porters waiting for you at the other end to lug it all around.)

There are very few cases where the average traveler should be bogged down with this much baggage, but it's still nice to see an airline leaving that decision up to the passengers. Also, this could come in very handy on the way back from Mexico if you have loaded up on souvenirs you want to take home. Considering that it takes a month for a letter or postcard to make it from Mexico to the U.S. or Canada, carrying goods back from there is definitely preferable to shipping them.

Judging by this photo from, the breakfast spread isn't too bad either...

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