Friday, January 12, 2007

Pocket Travel Beach Towel

The folks at LightLoad towels sent me one of their pocket beach towels to check out right before the holidays and as luck would have it, I was about to head off to the beach. So I gave it a trial run. The verdict? Probably not something you'd want to use by choice if there are regular towels lying around, but if you're in a position where you need to conserve space, weight, or both, this item is a winner.

This lightweight beach towel comes in a little waterproof package that's a tad larger than a hockey puck, so it's obviously quite easy to fit into your bag when you're preparing to head out. It would work well as an emergency towel for the glove compartment or bike kit also. When you open it there's an odd petroleum smell, but that goes away after it airs out and the thing is supposedly biodegradable.

As a beach towel, it's long enough to lie on but is so light that it would get carried away by the slightest gust. It does the job drying you off though, no matter how sopping wet you are, so it's a better option than one of those wierd chamois-type travel towels or a sarong. The company claims it will absorb nine times its weight in water.

Key for travelers is that this pocket beach towel came through with flying colors on the time-to-dry test. In a mild breeze, the wet towel was dry again in less than an hour. Nice. Did I mention that it's less than $5 at REI or your local gear store? Buy two, they're small.

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