Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Headphone Jack for Two

If you've seen those couples snuggled up at the airport listening to the same tunes or watching a movie together, no doubt they are taking advantage of a headphone jack for two. These headphone adapters plug into the jack on your MP3 player, laptop, or portable DVD player and split the signal in two.

The only trouble with the ones you get for three or four dollars at the electronics store is that if one person's hearing is more sensitive than the other, you're in trouble. The volume control on the device applies to both sets of headphones. (Unless your headphones have their own volume control.)

The solution is to spend a few dollars more and get a two-person headphone jack with two volume controls, like the one pictured here from Amazon. (Less than $8.) That way you can crank it up or not, no matter what your kid, partner, spouse, or whoever likes it.

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this review! I definitely would have bought the cheap kind not even realizing that volume control is an issue. Much appreciated!