Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One Bag site

There are all kinds of books, articles, and web sites out there on how to pack for a business trip or a vacation. What it mostly boils down to, however, is that people take way too much stuff with them. They'll bop around the house an entire weekend with one pair of shorts and a t-shirt, but when it's time for a long weekend vacation, they suddenly feel they need to plan for every possible eventuality.

Here's an idea: go check out the web site One Bag. As you probably figured out, it's about packing in such a way that you only need one suitcase, one duffle bag, or one backpack. Airline workers do it, long-term backpackers do it, and road warrior business travelers do it. So can you. Figure out what you really need, only take a gadget if it's going to work hard for you, and leave the rest behind. Don't forget, anywhere in the world, there's this thing called "laundry service."

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