Friday, March 31, 2006

CNET's "Worst Tech of 2006 (So Far)"

I often surf over to CNET to see which gadgets are worth their asking price and which ones are duds. Plopping down your money on an impulse gadget purchase before doing your homework is a sure way to find yourself annoyed when using it.

Tech reviewers are refreshingly frank about what gadgets are useless, annoying, confusing, or misleading in their claims. And they usually have a good sense of humor about it. Check out this Worst Tech of 2006 (So Far) list to see what I mean.

Here's my favorite quote:
"We couldn't measure this laptop's mobile performance because its battery life was well short of the 90 minutes that it takes to run the benchmark. But you can use it as long as you want while it's plugged in. Which is totally the purpose of owning a laptop. If you live in the magical realm of Electro-Outlet Land."

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