Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Indestructable Travel Shorts

OK, this blog has been very quiet for a while, but for a good reason. I was out there on the road, trying things out, instead of sitting on my rump in a desk chair.

Speaking of rumps, this entry is a review of something that covers my rump--or my bum as they say--and keeps it dry. Now I'm not one to lay out a ton of money for a pair of shorts, but the promise of a pair of indestructable ones that would not get wet, get stained, or get wrinkled was enough to get me to open up the wallet a bit. This pair of Runamuck shorts from Ex Officio went to Botswana with me and got put through the paces.

First of all, who wouldn't want to wear a pair of shorts called Runamucks? While they did have a bit of a high school gym teacher feel to them because of the sythetic fabric coated with teflon, I felt like a superhero rather than a glory days ex-athlete. Dirt brushed right off, even after days in the bush. They didn't get wrinkled even after flying from one Botswana camp to another in a little prop plane.

The crown achievement, however, was during one of the storied sundowners you enjoy at the end of an afternoon safari drive. Our Land Rover stopped, gin and tonics were poured, and we watched the sky turn yellow and red. While everyone ooohed and aaahed, I managed to pour a cocktail right in my lap. On a normal pair of shorts, this would have meant being wet the whole drive back and looking like I peed my pants. In this case, the liquid rolled right off, leaving not a drop, and nobody noticed. "One more please," I said, and said a silent prayer to the gods of apparel technology.

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