Friday, January 27, 2006

A fleece that's also a windbreaker

I spend my winter days in jeans and sweatshirts, my summers in shorts and T-shirts, so I'm not the kind of guy you see drooling over the latest boutique clothing. I have trouble justifying spending Ben Franklins on clothing unless it's something that's going to last me forever.

Which brings me to this not-exactly-cheap North Face Pamir fleece. It retails just shy of $180, which is enough to buy a nice leather jacket or a wool sportcoat. So why spend that much on a fleece? Can't you get one from Land's End for 1/3 of that price?

Yes, but there are times when something is worth a bit more. In this case, it's because it does double duty. It's a fleece, yes, but it has an extra layer on the inside made of a different material and this layer is meant to block the wind. I was skeptical, but I after seeing how well it worked locally on a few blustery spring days at home, I took it to Peru to hike through the Andes. (More on that in this article.) It kept me toasty, it kept back the wind, and it was half as bulky as what some of my hiking mates were carrying. It definitely performed as advertised. I imagine this will still be in my closet in 2015. Hopefully people won't laugh if I'm still wearing it...

Check out the Pamir North Face fleece.

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