Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Flip-flops with a Bottle Opener - Sweeeettt

I don't get a whole lot of things in the mail that I get really excited about, but when my new set of Fanning Reef Sandals arrived in a box the other day, I was downright giddy. It may be winter outside, but I shed my socks and slipped into my new flip-flops, comfy and complete with a bottle opener on the bottom. I'm ready to go out and buy a six-pack just so I can try them out. Talk about a double-duty item!

Ever since I went to a party this past summer and saw a guy nonchalantly open his beer bottle on the bottom of his sandal, I've been wanting a pair of these. So last week when's Steep and Cheap site had some on sale for less than $20, I pounced. In two weeks I'm going to be at a beach in Mexico, so I'll give them a good workout. And will be making other people eye my green flip-flops while getting green with envy.

The cheeky tag that came with them has an illustrated demo in four steps. A man takes off his sandal, pops open a beer, drinks it, and then saunters off with a babe on his arm. A note at the bottom says, "We can only guarantee steps #1-3."

Reef Fanning Supreme Sandal at Backcountry

Reef Leather Fanning Sandal with Bottle Opener at


Greg said...

Yeah I bought a pair of those a few months ago the last time SteepAndCheap had them and I love them! I took them on my trip to St. Croix and they were just about the only thing I wore the whole time. They fit great and are very comfortable. I almost bought a second pair when you bought yours.

Kristie B said...

A friend of mine had a pair of these and I was trying to figure out the name. These are going to be our groomsmen gifts for my beach wedding. They will probably come in very hand on our ultra-casual wedding night.

Tim said...

That's a great idea for a groomsmen gift Kristie! My wife thinks these things are silly but every guy who sees them goes "Whooooaaa. I've gotta get a pair of those."