Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ExOfficio Pants Keep the Bugs Away

It’s always great when summer arrives, but not so great when the mosquitoes arrive. If you travel to a tropical country, it’s always mosquito season, plus the bugs carry nasty diseases, so three months of annoyance turns into year-round danger.

Thankfully it’s easier to keep the bugs away than it used to be if you pack the right clothing. This pair of ExOfficio Altyn Insect Shield Pants is going with me to the coast of Mexico and the jungle of Belize this summer. They’re great travel pants on their own, but the kicker is built-in Insect Shield repellent that stays active for 70—yes 70—washings.

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Wanderluster said...

I believe that these actually DO keep the bugs away (though some people would disagree). I attract mosquitoes like flies on, well, you know what. And I've had a lot of luck with ExOfficio's line of BuzzOff clothes.

I really like the ones that convert into shorts. Traveling in a conservative country like India, I can just zip off the legs in the relative privacy of my hotel's courtyard and enjoy a bit of sun on my legs without offending an entire city.

mina said...

Ew, those pants are hideous. I'm about my go on an around the world trip - your site is full of incredibly useful information! I'm afraid that I am too vain to wear these pants. Alas, I suppose I'll just have to get malaria.

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