Monday, February 23, 2009

Gear Advice from Around the Web

I'm going to step back from the mic today and point to a few worthy travel gear posts I've come across lately from elsewhere.

First, Beth Whitman discusses the thorny issues involved in picking out a travel adapter. For some good specific choices, check out this travel adapter round-up I did for I especially like the Travelon one with a built-in converter. I've used it successfully on a few trips now.

One of the Traveling Mamas has a great post on how to avoid those pesky travel illnesses. I especially like the Earplanes. Besides the catchy name, they solve a common problem and they're only $6.95 at Amazon.

Here's another reminder why you should never put anything valuable into your checked luggage. (Well, unless it's a bottle of duty free liquor since you've got no choice.) Gadling notes that two thieves employed at Portland's airport made off with more than 200 items stolen from passenger bags, including laptops. Who checks a laptop?

Fresh off my recent complaining about cell phone charger non-standardization, Dan Tynan looks at how the cell phone companies are waking up to their environmentally unconscious ways, sorta.

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dt said...

hey tim, thanks for the shout out.

you should look into the green plug initiative; they're trying to create a universal charger for multiple devices. I wrote a little bit about them for pcworld here --