Monday, September 22, 2008

Vogel Sunglasses from Tifosi - Smooooth

Tifosi Vogel SunglassesOne particular week this summer I saw three people with Tifosi Optics shades on: a guy I was playing golf with, a cyclist, and the owner of a bike shop. The last one said Tifosis were his favorite shades. Figuring he ought to know, I took it as a sign to check out a few pairs.

I've got one pair that I'm trying out while biking---more on that later---but this Vogel pair pictured here I can wear anywhere, anytime. You get all their regular lens technology, but put into a casual style.

These are some of the most comfortable sunglasses I've ever worn, probably due in no small part to the adjustable nosepiece being barely attached to the glasses. Then the glasses themselves can dispense with the plural: it's one polycarbonate lens stretched across your entire face. This creates an odd sensation when you're wearing them: no dead spots and complete peripheral vision. It's about as close as you can get to getting the benefits of sunglasses without feeling like anything is blocking your line of sight.

The Vogel model from Tifosi comes in seven different lens and color combinations, with models specifically for golf and ones with Fototec lenses that get darker as you go outside into bright light. Whichever lens model you get, it's promised to be shatterproof. The Vogel retails for around $60 and comes with a protective zippered hard case and a lens cleaning cloth. See all the specs at the Tifosi website.

Tifosi Vogel sunglasses at REI

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