Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jimi Plastic Wallet

I'm on vacation right now, but am popping in with a review of the Jimi plastic wallet I'm carrying around. It has a slot for credit cards and a money clip, which is about all I need besides my passport.

Why a plastic wallet? Well, paradoxically it can be good for the environment, but I like it for practical reasons. My money stays dry at the pool or on a boat---or in the rain. It pops into a zippered pocket easily on my shorts. And I don't care if it gets scratched up or something. If you want, you can even hang it around your neck on a lanyard, wearing it under your clothing.
The Jimi wallet comes in a variety of colors, is durable, is water resistant, and is made in the USA even, from 100 percent recycled materials. Get your own for $15.


Anonymous said...

Mine lasted 1 day.
The credit cards all fell out of it every time I opened it.

Unknown said...

My favorite travel wallet is free. I grab a piece of Tyvek (such as one of the big envelopes free from any US Post Office cut down to 8.5"x11") and follow these instructions, with a little tape on the edges to give it extra strength.
It's water-resistant, doesn't look like a wallet, and it's ultra compact and light. It's made for US currency, so if you'll be holding Euros, cut your paper an inch or so longer so they don't stick out.

Tim said...

Dear anonymous--it comes with a warranty if you got a bum version. I've put mine through pretty tough paces the past week with no issues. I dropped it in the pool on purpose and it floated, with everything staying dry. Credit cards stayed securely clipped. I'll definitely use it again.