Saturday, June 07, 2008

Keeping Track of Your Kid in a Crowd

It's kind of ironic, but most of the places you end up taking your kids on vacation are the places where it is easiest to lose them in a crowd: amusement parks, water parks, sports events, festivals, ski resorts, airports, and on and on. Add to that the fact that kids aren't opposed to just wandering off to follow the balloon man or someone dressed in a furry costume and it can be trouble.

Short of putting them on a leash (which makes me cringe when in see it), how do you keep the little ones from getting lost? And what about their stuff?

One company that has spent a lot of time on this question is Stuck on You. Their Stick with Me wristbands are better versions of the ones you get at an all-inclusive resort, with bright colors and kid-friendly icons (ladybugs, dinosaurs, flying saucers). They have a space for writing after "My name is" and another one after "If I am lost please call..." The idea is, you write the vitals, pop one on their wrist, and you've got some peace of mind if you get separated.
Stuck on You also helps you find your kids' bags, with colorful and fun luggage tags that your little ones will want to watch for on the carousel. Plus you can order matching stickers for their water bottle, and shoes. (Don't laugh--been to an indoor playground lately?) See more at the Stuck on You website.

I've also been trying out some Tattoos with a Purpose. These are kind of goofy---a temporary tattoo on your kid's arm that has a place for your cell phone number---but my daughter thought they were pretty cool. They come in all kinds of designs that will make the girls and the boys happy: dogs, rockets, butterflies, hearts, dinosaurs, and horses with pink manes. They're FDA-approved to no hurt any sensitive skin. They're also water resistant, so they'll work in a water park.

The pack of temporary tattoos comes with its own pen and some alcohol wipes for $10. See more at

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