Monday, April 21, 2008

Pen-sized Hand Sanitizer

I'm as game as the next guy for making fun of those travelers who load up on hand sanitizer for a trip, as if there are somehow 10 times more germs abroad than at home. (The germophobe gets a starring role in the new Nim's Island movie, with an ongoing Purell product placement via Jodie Foster.)

As a parent though, I know there are times when your kid is carrying a whole petri dish of stuff on his/her hands. But then it's time to eat the airplane or food stall snack, with no sink and soap in sight.

This cool little hand sanitizing spray device from CVS lets you kill all the germs without loading up your bag or worrying about the 3-ounce carry on rules. It's the size of a large ink pen and has all of 0.17 ounces (5ml) in it. The protective top even has a clip for hooking it to a pocket. Pull the top off and there's a little spray nozzle. No mess before or after.

This mini hand sanitizing spray fits into a purse or pocket easily so you can keep it handy in flight or while on the move. It retails for a mere $1.79 at their stores, so this is one gadget impulse buy that you won't regret later.


Anonymous said...

That really does look like and cool tool for trips. I could certainly use it for work. I'd probably reach for it a few times thinking that it's a pen, though!

Anonymous said...

The point is not that there are more germs on the road. It's that your time is more precious to you. If you're sick at home you can flop on the couch in front of the tv with nice flush toilet nearby. If you're sick on the road, you likely don't have those comforts and worse, you've likely spent a lot of money and effort to get where you are. Make fun of me all you want, but I don't plan to waste any minute of my trip by getting sick.

Anonymous said...

They're not all that effective compared to washing your hands. More ofa placebo than a real solution. They should be a last line of defense instead of common practice. Not a total scam, but there have been a whole bunch of news reports on them, like this:

Something this size should last for weeks or more.