Friday, March 07, 2008

Small Retractable Cable Lock

A long while back in this blog I pointed to a retractable cable lock as an essential piece of gear for any long-term traveler. The Lewis & Clark one I had used for about a dozen long trips finally croaked at the end of last year and I snagged one of these much smaller retractable cable locks from an old standby: Master Lock.

It was only eight bucks, so I was not expecting much really. Half the size of my old one and half the price. That may be normal for computers, but it doesnt usually work that way with simple hardware. This cable lock is an exception. It shrinks by giving you 2 feet of cable instead of 3, but otherwise it is just as well made and rugged. So the question is, do you need 3 feet of cable or would you rather have more space?

My vote would be taking the larger models out there if you are traveling as a couple and sometimes need to lock two backpacks to a bulky chair or bedpost. Buy the smaller one if you are on your own. At this price, for something this light, you truly can't go wrong taking one along for security.

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