Monday, March 03, 2008

Cool Travel Gear from Passengers Only

Some travel gear sites try to dazzle you with their selection and end up overwhelming you to the point you forgot what you came to buy. Others try a different approach, with a "less is more" design aesthetic and carefully selected items that are stylish and not on every store shelf.

In the latter camp is Passengers Only, a hip site that has a range of interesting bags, briefcases, gadgets, and even a mobile foodie survival kit.

I've been needing something for stowing that overseas bottle of wine or booze into my checked baggage, so I got my hands on this Built NY Wine Carrier, which comes in four patterns. It retails for $16, or there's a double holder that's $19. I stuffed a bottle of tequila in mine to make sure it'll work for an upcoming Mexico tequila grab, but then I put a bottle of white wine in it to see how well the insulation worked. Two hours later, still cool, so this would work well for a jaunt to a dinner party or picnic. It's made from washable, stretchy neoprene, so it's flexible and durable.

If you want to look like a lush with class though, you can go for fancier models in leather from Piel or Clava. Or just shop around for hip gadgets and gear for yourself or a gift for that jaded someone who is looking for something beyond an overpriced travel alarm clock from Sharper Image.

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