Sunday, January 13, 2008

Packing Light Cosmetics Solution: Minimus Carry-on Caddy

carry on cosmetic bagThis is my fourth review in a month of a solution for putting cosmetics in carry-on baggage, so it's safe to say that the market is finding a way to make this work. (See links to the other reviews below.) This one is from the folks who specialize in miniature sizes of everything: Minimus.

They have found a nice way to combine their inventory of travel-sized products with something to put it in: the Carry-on Caddy. You can order the caddy itself for $5, but what's cool about this though is you can order it all stocked up with 6 items for a male or a female ($14.25). Or if you're the type that buys cosmetics at Wild Oats, you can get it stocked with 9 organic items in citrus or lavender. (around $21).

My male version came with five useful name-brand items and one dud: Gillette shaving cream, Right Guard deodorant, Nivea lotion, Colgate toothpaste, Scope mouthwash, and...Tresemme hair spray. Hair spray? Maybe there needs to be a male, female, and tres femme metrosexual version.

It was all packed in a Ziploc bag and then put inside the heavy-duty black canvas bag with velcro. A carbiner fastener goes through a loop on the back, enabling you to just hook it to your carry-on for easy TSA inspection. After security, you can unhook it and put it inside your bag or just leave it hanging. (Don't worry, nobody can see that hair spray you're carrying inside.)

If this doesn't come with exactly what you want and the selection at your local Rite-aid is lacking, browse the 1,000 or so items at Minimus to pack the case with just what you need.

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