Sunday, December 02, 2007

Share Your Precious Outlet

When you're traveling with a laptop or mobile phone, there's the constant frustration of trying to find an outlet for recharging or using your equipment. This is especially annoying when you're in a Starbucks or airport where you're paying 10 bucks just to log onto the web. So spread the love when you find an outlet by using one of these Monster Outlets to Go.

With a compact, flat design, these outlet strips enable you to use your laptop, charge your phone, and still have one space to share with that guy walking around looking behind all the tables for an outlet. Or when you're in a cheap hotel room that is stingy with the outlets (or hides them behind heavy furniture), this will save some crawling and cursing.

The 3-outlet model I tried out is a mere 8.9 inches (22.6 cm) and it wraps around itself for easy packing. All the 3-prong outlets lie flat, so it's very compact and weighs about as much as your average cell phone. The packaging says there's a resettable circuit breaker in case of a surge, but it must reset automatically as I couldn't find a button anywhere.

The model with three outlets lists for $14.95, with 4- and 5-outlet ones for a bit more.

Try your local electronics retailer or you can pick one up for about $12 at Amazon or at

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Anonymous said...

The last two times I've been at an airport I've struggled to find an outlet before coming upon some savior with a strip like this. One guy had a 5-outlet one with him and ended up getting drinks bought for him in the bar by his grateful new friends. I think there were only two outlets in the entire airport bar.

Anonymous said...

I recently picked up one of the Outlets to Go 3 power strips. It has already been handy at home in a pinch and I can't wait for my next meeting. I couldn't find the circuit breaker switch on it, either. I contacted Monster's tech support and verified that the three outlet model does not have a circuit breaker.