Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Naztech 3-in-1 Mobile Charger

If you have a Blackberry, Razr, Pearl, Curve, or any other electronic gizmo that uses a mini USB to charge, this 3-in-1 mobile charger from Naztech is a terrific item to carry in your travels.

The charger has an AC adapter for wall outlets, a DC adapter for car receptacles, and a USB cable to charge through computers. So basically if you're near a power source, you're set. If outlets are scarce, as in the airport, you could work on your laptop and charge your phone through your computer's USB port. Or charge away when in the rental car with the same device. Only one thing to carry. It works with 120 and 240 current, so you can use it in both the Americas and Europe.

It has a long, well-made power cord and a LED that lights up when plugged in. The compact case makes it easy to shove in any bag. It even comes with a little carrying case pouch so people won't see it in your hand and think it's an, um, personal stimulation device.

The main drawback is that the clamshell packaging it comes in will cause you to curse repeatedly and probably slice a finger if you're not careful, so have some heavy duty scissors ready after you bring this home. Get it for $9.99 at Amazon or check free shipping deals at Buy.com.

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