Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's a bag! It's a ball!

I love to feature things in the Practical Travel Gear blog that can perform double duty. This 24-7 Flip & Tumble Bag sounded like a perfect candidate and I'm happy to say that it delivers. It's a bag! Yes indeed. It's a ball! Works well for that too.

OK, you may be saying, "I don't really need a ball, I just need a bag." Well, as someone who just spent 20 minutes playing catch with my daughter with this thing, her laughing as it tumbled down the stairs, I say, "You never know." If you will ever have kids around to entertain, you're always prepared. In practical terms though, the fact that it rolls up into something slightly larger than a hacky sack means you won't have any trouble stuffing it into a purse, a messenger bag, a daypack, or a glove compartment. It'll even fit in the car cupholder (but don't forget and put your hot coffee on top of it).

How 'bout that bag? It holds up to 20 pounds and is the right size for a few quick items from the deli, wine shop, or grocery store. Carry this around all the time and you'll have a lot fewer plastic grocery bags to throw away. Naturally, it weighs next to nothing and it slings over your shoulder nicely.

You can be the first on your block to have one in your choice of four colors - they start shipping next week. You may seen these bag balls in retail stores later, but for now get it at the Flip and Tumble 24-7 site.


Anonymous said...

Cute concept, but I don't get the "ball" thing, as I don't know where I'd put it when it wasn't in use.

I have a bag that compresses into its own pouch that I use all the time and have given to friends who've used it while traveling in Europe. The bag is from ChicoBag and it has a neat little clip so you can clip it to your keyring (what I do), or belt loop, backpack strap, etc. I got good reviews of them from those I've given them to thusfar. They're only $5, come in a bunch of colors, etc. so I'm giving them out as stocking stuffers this year.

Anonymous said...

This looks pretty cool, but not sure why it costs that much. Let's see if the price comes down once it's in every Target store.

Anonymous said...

As a keen African safari traveler i think this is a great idea however I am yet to see these in this store in Africa any ideas??