Sunday, September 09, 2007

Packaged Travel Laundry Kit

Last week I went into REI and stocked up a bit during a big sale. Of course I walked out with more than I had planned, including this nifty laundry kit from Lewis and Clark.

Yeah, I know it's just a sink stopper and some Woolite, which isn't really much of a kit, but for five bucks it's a worthwhile impulse purchase. I suppose I could get the sink stopper from a dollar store, but it's not so easy finding small packets of laundry detergent in the "bigger is better" U.S. and since I'm going on a quick two-week tour, I may not have time to track them down locally (or send out laundry to a service.)

I also picked up some quick-dry t-shirts and two pairs of that expensive but cool fast-drying underwear from Ex Officio. More on that later...

To get the Lewis & Clark pack pictured here, follow the REI link above and search "laundry." It comes right up.

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Monkeybutler said...

I haven't had time to go through all of your site yet, so this may have been already mentioned, but a great place to pick up travel sized items is