Friday, August 31, 2007

Two More Book Lights for Travel

Before I reviewed the innovative LightWedge book light, but here are two that are new interpretations of the tried and true design.

The Spike Light dispenses with any kind of clip and in theory allows you to flip pages without ever having to readjust the light. The "spike" is inserted over the book's spine to anchor the light. This works great if you are reading a big fat hardback with a real spine, but it doesn't perform so well when you've got a regular trade paperback. The light works great though. The flexible neck has two bright LEDs that light up the page without shining a light in the eyes of your bed or seat partner. It supposedly goes for 20 hours on a single AAA battery, so it's stingy with energy too. The Spike Light goes for $12.99 retail.

My favorite of the three turned out to be the cheapest (but maybe I'm just cheap). The Flex Neck light goes for ten bucks, but it's the most versatile and useful for travelers. It weighs almost nothing and the design is great: the hole in the clip holds the head of the lamp, so it takes up almost no room when packing. The little LED lights are quite bright, so it does a good job of putting focused light on the book and it will double as a flashlight.

Get them here:
Bedtime Bliss Book Lights $2.95 shipping, everyday!.

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