Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Party-to-go of Prosecco

OK, this isn't a travel gear item that you're going to take very far, but I have to admit I got pretty darn excited when this Mionetto IL Party to Go showed up at my house. It's basically two bottles of Prosecco in a plastic tub for ice, with a custom top for the tops of the bottles to poke through. It even comes with some plastic champagne flutes.

"Oooh, Prosecco!" said my party guests and the tub became the hit of the party. Prosecco is Italian sparkling white wine, with a metal beer tab kind of top rather than a cork. It's meant to be drunk young, soon after it's ready, as a refreshing beverage that you don't take too seriously. Perfect for a picnic, a concert on the lawn, or something to bring along to an outdoor bash.

The Mionetto IL party bucket is a bargain too, retailing for $19.99 (not including ice of course). See more about it at ILSparkling.com.

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