Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Video iPod is a Parent's Dream

OK, I've raved before on this travel gear blog about the benefits of a cheap MP3 player and talked about how carrying around something worth hundreds of dollars in a third world country isn't always the brightest thing to do. Having just come back from a two-week vacation with my kid along though, that's a different story. I've got to say that while the video iPod may be small, it's like a suitcase full of sanity saver.

When I first saw this thing, I said, "Who wants to watch a movie or TV show on that tiny little screen?" Screen size schmeen size: my 6-year-old couldn't care less. I went on iTunes and loaded the thing up with a bunch of Disney cartoons, added an Arthur show, and even threw in an episode of The Pink Panther to kick it old school. At $1.99 each, I could be Mr. Generous, especially since I got an episode of a the new Tigger & Poo for free. Then I ripped a few of her favorite CDs for good measure. (And lots of my tunes too, of course for when I was ready to wrest it away from her. "Because Daddy said so!")

I've never been on such an easy set of plane rides - six legs of them before the vacation was through. The screen resolution is unbelievable, especially for colorful cartoons. It's dead simple enough to use that a tyke can figure it out in a few minutes. And of course it's a fraction of the size of a portable DVD player and has a lot more uses--including storing loads of photos.

Yeah, okay, we made her read some books and do some activities too, so don't turn your full force Waldorf School indignation on me. Travel is trying though, especially when it has anything to do with airlines and airport security, so for the sake of family bliss, this travel gadget is hard to beat.

The 30 GB video iPod version sells for around $250, the 80GB one for around $350. Not cheap, but an amazing piece of machinery. Check prices at the following:
J and R


Amooma said...

useful, aint it!

Westy said...

I hear you!! We don't have one yet but my buddy is telling me the same thing you are. We are soon to be travling across the globe to New Zealand with a three year old. Could this wonderful device be useful? I'm thinking so......

Anonymous said...

This has been my airplane salvation with a toddler. Works well as a bribery tool too: "If you behave in the airport, you can watch Higglytown Heroes on the plane..."