Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Treat Your Chapped Lips Right

I always seem to have about five sticks of lip balm stowed in various bags and daypacks, but the one I always buy and use by choice is Eco Lips. It's almost natural and it doesn't feel like chemicals on your lips, but it does the job. Somehow it still has 15 SPF sun protection, which I guess is where the "70% organic" comes in. But hey, better than 0%.

Some things are easy to splurge on. Yeah, you can buy some cheap petroleum lip balm from the dollar store for a buck, or you can buy Burt's Bees or Eco Lips stuff for say, $2.50. Granted the latter is 150% more than the former, but let's be real here people---we're talking about the kind of money you lose in your couch cushion for the difference. And when's the last time you went through a tube of lip balm in anything less than months? So the phrase "pennies per day" comes down to really being fractions of a cent per day.

I would send you to some online gear store link to buy it, but there are some things it really doesn't make much sense to order and have shipped to you. Petroleum free it may be, but if you get it sent to your house, you used even more petroleum than a tube of lip balm in the process. Just go buy it at your local gear store. It's probably even by the front register. (It was when I bought a new stick at REI last weekend.) The web site is pretty cool though, with weird accessories and "Eco Lips on the lips of celebrities."

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meaghan said...

Now in Canada tinted for all skin tones - great for cheeks too. Burt's, deodorant, natural bar soap, tooth brush and baking soda are all of the personal essentials i need for travel.