Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Water Bottle with Style - SIGG's Maha Collection

SIGG's line of hip water bottles make it cool to skip the bottled water.

The problem with a lot of travel gear clothing is is makes you look so dorky. Sure, type-A rock climbers and camping mountain bikers may love all that shiny synthetic stuff and day-glow jackets with 14 pockets, but what about us regular travelers? Maybe we don't want to look like a travel outfitter ad every time we step outside.

I'm all for a reusable water bottle, but those neon nalgene ones aren't exactly stylish and I always feel like I'm paying a 98 percent profit margin on what is basically a shaped hunk of plastic. So I got downright giddy when I found this Maha (as in Maharaja) bottle from Swiss company SIGG. It's light as a feather, but feels much sturdier than a plastic bottle--each is made from a single piece of aluminum, with no seams. There's a thin epoxy layer on the inside though, so it doesn't taste like a can an there's no "taste transfer" from one beverage to another. So it won't taste like Gatorade when you're on to something else.

And finally, some style! With a vague nod to more exotic lands, these bottles come in red, blue, or purple. They retail for about 20 bucks and should last you years on end. If one gets crushed under a boulder or something, it's completely recyclable--just throw it in with the beer cans. You can find the Sigg Maha bottles in a lot of physical gear stores, but are just getting out there online it seems except at REI. Save the Earth by buying one here at

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