Monday, April 23, 2007

Pick Some Good Traveling Shoes

A lot of people have no problem picking out a backpack, then filling it with the right clothes and travel gear. Then they get to the shoe decisions and have a panic attack. You can't stuff six pairs of shoes in a pack for a long journey where you're carrying everything around yourself. But there are so many situations to prepare for!

One-trick ponies aren't going to cut it: you need shoes that perform well under a variety of conditions. I've been trying out a pair of Tecnica Escape OXT shoes and I wish I'd had a pair of these babies when I was doing year-long jaunts around the world. They're very light, like a sneaker or trainer, so they won't weight you down in the pack or on your feet. But they feel sturdy and supportive, partly because there's a nylon cord system that runs from the laces through the midsole.

They look slightly pleather-ish, but that's because they are...waterproof! So if you're sloshing through Bombay during rainy season or hiking up a muddy path through the Andes, your feet won't be soaking wet after step one. Through the wonders of technology they're breathable though, so you won't drive everyone out of the guesthouse when you take them off at night. They perform like a sneaker too, so you could use these for walking, running, or a spin on the treadmill.

The Tecnica Escape OXT comes in men's and women's versions and lists for $85. Find them at your local travel gear store, or go directly to

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Unknown said...

I dunno..

I've tested them, new, 1 month on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, about 800km: greatly light and very good against feet sweating, but not so good with water.
In the snow and with little rain my feet were dry, but, also with a very little paddle: WET!