Thursday, February 01, 2007

Which Rolling Bag is the Best?

Some rolling suitcases cost $40 and some cost $400. Do you get what you pay for? And which wheelie suitcases deliver when you really put them through their paces?

Budget Travel magazine set out to answer these questions for us and put five bags through some rigorous real-world tests. You can see the results in this wheelie bag road test. They tested five quality bags, from the $170 Ogio Terminal to the $450 T-Tech Pulse Cooper Square from Tumi.

Do you get what you pay for? Well, sorta. The expensive Tumi one came in second and the Ogio one didn't fare too well. The winner in their tests, however, was Eagle Creek's Velocity bag (pictured here), which goes for $340 at eBags. If you're a road warrior that travels a lot on business, this one would be worth the investment.

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