Thursday, February 08, 2007

Indestructable Travel Wine Glass

The always fun Jaunted travel blog caught my eye with a post titled "Travel Gear for Lushes." It turned out to be a post about this very cool travel wine glass from Le Travel Store.

I can't top the description on the site, which says, "The Travel Wine Glass is made of General Electric's virtually indestructible Lexan Resin. The stem unscrews at the base of the bowl for easy packing and storage. The durability and elegant shape will enhance any beverage."

Forget "any beverage." We can drink any beverage out of any old cup. But if you buy a bottle from a store and open it on the top of a hill, with a vista you've never seen before, it would be quite handy to have this technological wonder in your day pack. And hey, it's only $8.95, which is probably about what you'll pay for a drinkable bottle of wine in most stores. Unless you're also carrying a Swiss Army Knife with a corkscrew, you will want to go for a screw bottle---trust me on this one. Get it here: travel wine glass.


Anonymous said...

REI has it for $5.95

Anonymous said...
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