Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunglasses Meant for Skiing

ski sunglassesSierra Trading Post is running a closeout deal on some really great ski sunglasses. You can pick them up for around $60, which is half what they usually retail for.

Ski goggles do the job, but let's face it--they don't look all that stylish no matter how nice they are. Plus you end up with a raccoon-like tan on your face if it's really sunny out. And then you still have to have a pair of sunglasses in your pocket if you're going to be hanging out on a deck or even walking down the parking lot while it's still bright out.

With these Polarized Panoptx Cyclone Sunglasses, you can still shield your eyes from both the wind and the sun, yet you don't have to wear bulky goggles that cover half your face. They come in two styles besides what's shown here, with one being a more subdued and narrow black number. Nice.

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