Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Phone in a Jump Drive, from Vonage

Here at Practical Travel Gear, it's all about small things that perform far beyond their size and weight. This little Vonage jump drive phone is the kind of thing that really fits the bill. It's the size of a keychain, yet when you plug it into a USB port somewhere, that computer is now your phone. Could the instructions be any easier? "Simply insert the Vonage V-Phone into any available USB port, plug the earpiece microphone into the side of the Vonage V-Phone and you're ready to make and receive calls! Remove the drive when you're done and the phone and all your important contact information goes with you."

Okay, so you still need to carry the earpiece/microphone, but that won't take up much space either. What this means is that if you're floating around the world, just popping into internet cafes, here's another reason you don't need a laptop. Just plug in and gab away with the folks at home, without any rebooting necessary.

I can't admit to having tried this out myself. I use Skype and an Ipevo phone on the road when I'm carrying a laptop, but this is certainly appealing--especially when I get to leave the laptop at home and just travel.


Anonymous said...

I'm a vonage subscriber for my home/office line but what kills me about Vonage is, like their softphone, this device requires a new and separate vonage account (min of $15/mo). There is an identical USB thumbdrive out there that runs Skype made by Mplat ( I'm about to leave on a 7-month RTW trip and that's what I'll be using in combo with my laptop (a 2.2lb Fujitsu Lifebook).

Tim said...

That's annoying--I wasn't aware of the extra charge. Though if you don't have Vonage already, could you just get the $15 account?

Stop back in later and let us know how it is going with the Mplat Skype one. That sounds promising.