Saturday, July 15, 2006

There is such a thing as packing TOO light!

There's something to be said for packing light and packing carefully, but some people take it to an extreme. I met plenty of backpackers over the years who were tooling around with nothing but a tiny day pack, with one change of clothes. The problem with that is, they always looked like hell. They had threadbare clothing, were constantly borrowing things from other people, and were doing laundry every day or two. Or they didn't do laundry and you could smell them coming.

Such is the case with the subject of this story, "Tales of a Luggage-less Traveler." Yes, he was free as a bird and could hop along without being encumbered by luggage. But as he'll freely admit, he stank badly. And let's face it, the people getting detained at customs are usually the unshaven, the homeless-looking, and the poorly dressed. Border crossings go much more smoothly when you don't look like you are on your last dime.

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