Friday, July 21, 2006

Thankfully - Not So Wired When We Travel After All

A new survey from Orbitz looked at at how much pressure Americans feel to forego vacation time or to stay connected while away from home. Thankfully, the picture is not as bleak at the white collar media would have us believe. In the most encouraging result, only 11% said that it was important to take a laptop with them. A mere 2% said a Blackberry was the most important device to bring along. Both were beat handily by the digital camera--which many would say is the only device that should ever pass back out through your hotel doors after arrival.

In a few other findings, it seems my laid-back southern neighbors are the best at leaving the office completely:

"Southern residents (64%) are more likely than those who live out West (48%) to not check in with work at all during their vacation. The survey also indicates that Southerners (30%) are most likely to report they are frequent travelers." Shucks y'all.

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